Does Samsung Frame TV Come With Wall Mount?

Does Samsung Frame TV Come With Wall Mount? – [Explained]

Yes, the Samsung Frame TV typically comes with a wall mount in the package, providing a seamless and elegant mounting solution for users who wish to display the TV as a piece of art on their walls.

The inclusion of the wall mount aids in delivering on the TV’s unique selling proposition of blending into the home’s décor like a painting.

Samsung Frame TV

The Samsung Frame TV is a groundbreaking product designed not only to provide a superior viewing experience but also to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space it occupies. Its name is derived from its innovative design that mimics the look of a picture frame.

When not in use for watching content, the Frame TV can display artwork, transforming your living room into a dynamic gallery. The device boasts of high-resolution picture quality, customizable bezels, and a range of sizes to fit various spaces.

What Is A Samsung Frame TV?

Which Samsung Frame TVs Come With Wall Mounts?

Almost all models of the Samsung Frame TV come equipped with a wall mount in the box. This inclusion allows users to hang the TV virtually flush against the wall, enhancing its picture-frame-like appearance.

It’s essential to verify the contents of the package at the time of purchase as offerings may differ based on the region, retailer, or specific model.

Where To Buy Samsung Frame TV Wall Mounts If Didn’t Come Up With A TV?

In the rare instance that your Samsung Frame TV does not include a wall mount, or if you need a replacement, wall mounts can be purchased from various outlets. Authorized Samsung retailers and the official Samsung website are reliable places to start.

Additionally, many online marketplaces and electronics stores offer compatible wall mounts. When purchasing, ensure the mount is designed for the specific size and model of your Samsung Frame TV to guarantee compatibility and secure installation.

How To Mount A Samsung Frame TV On the Wall?

Mounting the Samsung Frame TV is a straightforward process designed for DIY installation:

Identify the location:

Choose a suitable wall space, considering factors like viewing height, light exposure, and proximity to power outlets.

Install the wall mount:

Follow the instructions provided to securely affix the wall mount to the wall. You might need a level, drill, and screwdriver.

Hang the TV:

Carefully place the TV on the mount, ensuring it is securely attached and level.

Manage cables:

For a clean look, conceal the cables using covers, clips, or in-wall cable management systems.

Customize the display:

Select and arrange the artwork or photos you wish to display when the TV is not in use.

Does Frame TV include wall mount?

Indeed, the Frame TV from Samsung typically includes a no-gap wall mount in the package. This specialized mount allows the television to hang flush against the wall, providing the illusion of a framed piece of art. Ensure to check the product description and box contents at the time of purchase to confirm the inclusion of the wall mount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a third-party wall mount with the Frame TV?

While it’s possible to use third-party wall mounts, using the provided or Samsung-approved mounts guarantees a snug fit and the intended aesthetic.

Is professional installation required for mounting the Frame TV?

While the process is designed for self-installation, you might prefer professional installation for peace of mind, especially for larger models.

professional installation required for mounting the Frame TV

Can the Frame TV stand on a table or cabinet?

Yes, the Frame TV can also be placed on a TV stand or cabinet, but you might need to purchase the stand separately.


Samsung Frame TVs are not only technologically advanced but also aesthetically pleasing, designed to integrate seamlessly into your home décor.

With the included wall mount, setting up your Frame TV to mimic a piece of artwork is a hassle-free experience, enhancing the visual appeal of your living space. Always ensure to verify the inclusion of the wall mount and consider professional installation if necessary for optimal results.

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