Why Doesn’t Apple Make TVs?

Why Doesn’t Apple Make TVs? – [Complete Visual Information]

Apple does not manufacture television sets because it has strategically chosen to focus on crafting transformative products and experiences that supplement and enhance existing technologies, like its Apple TV device, instead of entering the fiercely competitive and saturated television market.

Reasons Behind Apple Not Making Their Smart TVs?

The primary reasons behind Apple’s decision not to manufacture smart TVs can be traced to the company’s distinctive market strategy and the industry landscape.

Firstly, the television market is renowned for being particularly competitive, with numerous established brands offering high-quality products at varying price points. Entering this market would necessitate a significant investment in both resources and time for Apple, with no guaranteed success.

Furthermore, the lifecycle of televisions is extensive compared to smartphones or computers, meaning consumers do not upgrade their sets as frequently. This dynamic contrasts with the business model Apple has successfully implemented with products like iPhones, which see regular updates and consumer upgrades.

Moreover, Apple’s philosophy centers around creating products that redefine categories, and with TVs, the innovation room might be perceived as limited. Instead of producing TVs, Apple introduced the Apple TV, a device that transforms regular TVs into smart ones, effectively allowing users to access a range of applications, including streaming services and games.

How To Get An Apple TV Application On our Devices?

Getting Apple TV applications on your devices is straightforward. For iPhone, iPad, or Mac users, the Apple TV app should be pre-installed. If not, you can download it from the Apple App Store.

For non-Apple users, the Apple TV app is available on various smart TVs from brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, and VIZIO. You can also access it through streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Simply search for the Apple TV application on your device’s app store, download, and install it.

Apple TV Application On Your Devices

Is Apple ever going to make a TV?

While predicting Apple’s future moves is always speculative, there is currently no substantial evidence or official announcements to suggest that Apple is planning to manufacture and release a television set.

Apple continues to invest in its Apple TV devices and the Apple TV+ streaming service, enhancing and expanding its entertainment ecosystem without producing an actual television.

Is Apple TV device obsolete?

Far from being obsolete, the Apple TV device remains a crucial part of Apple’s product lineup. The company has consistently updated and improved the device since its initial launch, with the latest model, Apple TV 4K, released in 2021.

Apple TV provides users with access to a vast array of streaming services, apps, and games, all while delivering a premium viewing experience with high-quality audio and video features.

Why doesn’t Apple go into TV business?

Entering the TV business requires a significant outlay of capital and resources, and the return on investment in this industry is traditionally lower and slower compared to Apple’s existing products. The TV market is also highly competitive, with many well-established players already dominating the space.

Apple’s strategy seems to focus on creating unique products and ecosystems that can work with existing hardware, as evidenced by the Apple TV device and Apple TV+ service.

Why doesn't Apple go into the TV business?

Why Apple’s not going to sell an OLED TV

Selling OLED TVs would require Apple to enter a market that is both competitive and somewhat commoditized, where innovation is incremental. As Apple strives to be a leader in innovation and prefers markets where it can have a significant impact, selling OLED TVs may not align with the company’s broader strategic goals.

Furthermore, Apple can still participate in the home entertainment sector through its Apple TV devices and services without the need to manufacture television sets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Apple TV+ available on non-Apple devices?

Yes, Apple TV+ is accessible on various devices, including selected smart TVs and streaming platforms, alongside Apple devices.

How does Apple TV device enhance the viewing experience?

The Apple TV device offers access to numerous streaming services, high-quality audio and video playback, gaming capabilities, and integration with the Apple ecosystem, enhancing the overall entertainment experience.

Apple TV device enhance the viewing experience

Can I use Apple TV without an Apple TV device?

You can access Apple TV+ content on various platforms and devices without necessarily using an Apple TV device.


Apple’s decision not to manufacture TVs is strategic, focusing on leveraging its innovative strengths to enhance existing technologies rather than entering a competitive market with long product lifecycles.

With the Apple TV device and Apple TV+ service, Apple continues to play a significant role in the entertainment industry, providing users with premium content and a superior viewing experience without the need for an Apple-branded television set.

Understanding these strategic choices offers insights into Apple’s approach to product development and market entry, underscoring the company’s commitment to innovation and user experience.

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