What Does TV-MA Mean On Netflix?

What Does TV-MA Mean On Netflix? – [Complete Information]

In the vast landscape of television and streaming platforms, ratings play a pivotal role in ensuring viewers find the most suitable content. TV-MA on Netflix indicates “Television Mature Audiences.”

It’s a designation that the content is primarily designed for mature viewers, generally adults. This implies the program contains material many parents would deem unsuitable for children under 17.

From Where TV-MA Rating Originated?

The TV-MA rating emerges from the TV Parental Guidelines. This system was established in the US in 1996, aimed at aiding parents in determining which television programs might be fitting for their children. Today, it is widely recognized, acting as a beacon for viewers and parents alike.

From Where TV-MA Rating Originated

What age is TV-MA for?

For absolute clarity: TV-MA is designated for adults, specifically those aged 17 and above. Content under this rating might encompass crude indecency, explicit language, sexual themes, or graphic violence.

Given the potential intensity of such elements, parents are advised to be cautious and consider previewing content or using parental controls for younger viewers.

Is there anything R-rated on Netflix?

Certainly! Netflix offers an expansive array of content, and this includes R-rated movies. The “R” signifies “Restricted,” meaning viewers under 17 require an accompanying parent or adult guardian. This rating, familiar in theatrical releases, is close in maturity to TV-MA. It reflects the wide content spectrum available on Netflix.

What is TV-MA and below Netflix?

Netflix showcases a diverse range of content ratings, catering to its broad audience. TV-MA stands among the higher maturity ratings. Below it, you’ll find:

What is TV-MA and below Netflix?


Suitable for those over 14, it may feature strong language, sexual content, or violence.


Might have suggestive dialog, occasional coarse language, some sexual themes, or moderate violence.


A general audience rating, typically without material parents would find questionable.

TV-Y and TV-Y7:

Designed for children, with TV-Y7 focusing on kids over seven, often due to light or comedic violence.

Categories Of Rating:

Ratings guide our viewing choices, acting as a beacon. Here’s a brief overview:


Designed for all children.


Ideal for children aged 7 and up.


A general audience rating.


Parental guidance is advised.


Suitable for ages 14 and up.


Primarily for mature audiences.

Being aware of these can enhance your streaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I adjust Netflix to exclude certain ratings?

Absolutely! Netflix provides efficient parental controls, letting you modify the viewing experience based on ratings.

Do all streaming services adopt the TV Parental Guidelines?

Many US-based platforms do. Yet, several international platforms may adopt their unique system.

Are these ratings trustworthy?

Yes, they are. They’re determined based on broad consensus and aim to ensure viewer satisfaction.


In conclusion, understanding the rating system, especially the TV-MA designation on Netflix, is pivotal for making informed viewing choices.

Whether you’re a parent gauging content for children or an individual seeking content tailored for your preferences, awareness of these ratings ensures a satisfying and appropriate streaming experience. Stay informed and enjoy your Netflix journey responsibly!

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