Does Mitsubishi Make TVs Anymore?

Does Mitsubishi Make TVs Anymore? – [Things You Should Know]

No, as of now, Mitsubishi no longer manufactures televisions. They decided to cease TV production in 2012, focusing instead on other business areas. Mitsubishi had been a staple in the TV market, especially with its rear-projection TVs, but various factors led to its decision to exit the market.

When Did Mitsubishi Stop Making TVs?

Mitsubishi officially stopped manufacturing TVs in November 2012. This decision marked the end of their production of rear-projection televisions, which they had been known for.

Their exit from the TV market was a significant shift, given their previous commitment to the technology and the market presence they once had.

When Did Mitsubishi Stop Making TVs?

Why Did Mitsubishi Stop Making TVs?

Several factors contributed to Mitsubishi’s decision to cease TV production:

Market Dynamics:

The TV industry experienced significant shifts with the increasing popularity of flat-panel displays like LEDs and OLEDs. These technologies started dominating the market, overshadowing rear-projection TVs.

Competitive Landscape:

Manufacturers from countries like South Korea began to dominate the global TV market, introducing more advanced and cost-effective alternatives.

Consumer Preferences:

With changing consumer preferences leaning towards slimmer, more energy-efficient TVs with sharper displays, the demand for rear-projection TVs dwindled.

Considering these challenges, Mitsubishi pivoted its business strategy, focusing on other product lines and sectors.

Are Mitsubishi TVs Still Worth Buying?

Are Mitsubishi TVs Still Worth Buying?

While Mitsubishi TVs are no longer in production, some models might still be available in the secondary market. If considering a Mitsubishi TV:


Mitsubishi TVs, especially their rear-projection models, are considered classics and can be a nostalgic purchase for some.


Given they’re no longer in production, you might find them at a lower price point compared to contemporary models from other brands.


Keep in mind the potential challenges related to repairs, parts availability, and outdated technology. Weigh these factors carefully before making a purchase decision.

Where I Find Mitsubishi TVs For Sale?

Mitsubishi TVs, while not available in mainstream stores, can still be found on online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist. Some specialty electronics stores or collectors might have them in stock too. Ensure you’re buying from a reputable seller and verify the TV’s working condition before purchase.

How Mitsubishi TVs Compare To Other Brands?

During their prime, Mitsubishi TVs were renowned for their quality, especially in the rear-projection category. They were competitive with other major brands. However, with technological advancements, contemporary TVs from other brands might offer better features, energy efficiency, and display quality.

What Are The Most Common Issues With Mitsubishi TVs?

Some common issues reported with Mitsubishi TVs included:

  • Lamp or bulb failures in projection TVs
  • Convergence issues causing blurred or doubled images
  • Power supply problems

It’s essential to note that many of these issues were common in rear-projection TVs, not just those from Mitsubishi.

Can Mitsubishi TVs Be Repaired?

Yes, Mitsubishi TVs can still be repaired, although finding parts might be a challenge since they’re no longer in production. It’s crucial to find a technician familiar with Mitsubishi models or consult online forums dedicated to Mitsubishi TV enthusiasts.

How Long Do Mitsubishi TVs Last?

Mitsubishi TVs, like most well-built electronics, had a typical lifespan of several years. The actual duration varied based on usage, model, and maintenance. However, the main concern now would be the availability of replacement parts given their discontinued status.

When was the last Mitsubishi TV made?

The last Mitsubishi TV was made in 2012. After years of producing rear-projection televisions and being one of the last manufacturers of this type, they ceased TV production in November of that year.


While Mitsubishi’s exit from the TV market marked the end of an era, their legacy continues. If you own or are considering buying a Mitsubishi TV, cherish it as a piece of technology history. As with any electronic purchase, ensure you understand the product’s features, benefits, and potential challenges before making a decision.

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