Can You Zoom On A Smart TV?

Can You Zoom On A Smart TV? – [You Need To Know Everything]

The answer to the burning question, “Can you Zoom on a Smart TV?” is a resounding yes! With the right setup, you can easily transform your Smart TV into a large Zoom meeting screen.

Imagine being able to see your loved ones, or participate in that crucial business meeting, on a display far larger than your phone or computer screen. Ready to amplify your Zoom experience? Let’s dive into the details.

Ways To Do Zoom On A Smart TV:

Having Zoom on your Smart TV isn’t just an extension of your regular Zoom setup; it’s an elevation. However, achieving this involves a few steps, depending on the kind of Smart TV you own and the technology it supports.

Zoom On A Smart TV

Casting from Mobile or Computer:

If your Smart TV has built-in casting features like Chromecast or Airplay, then you’re in luck. Open Zoom on your mobile or computer, and cast the screen right onto your Smart TV. The magic here is that it mirrors exactly what’s on your smaller screen—only bigger and better.

Using HDMI Cable:

For those who prefer a wired connection or have a Smart TV without casting features, a good old HDMI cable will serve you well. Connect your laptop to the TV, set it to mirror or extend your display, and your Zoom meeting will be on the big screen.

Smart TV Apps:

Some modern Smart TVs come with an App Store where you can directly download the Zoom app. This is perhaps the most convenient way to Zoom via your Smart TV, as it eliminates the need for any other device.

How Do I Get Zoom On My Smart TV?

The process is straightforward but varies depending on the technology your Smart TV supports. For those with an App Store, simply navigate to it, search for Zoom, and download the app. Sign in or join a meeting, and you’re good to go.

If you’re casting, ensure that both your Smart TV and mobile device or computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Open the Zoom app on your smaller device and use the casting function to display it on your TV.

For the HDMI method, plug the cable into your laptop and the TV’s HDMI port. Go to your laptop’s display settings and choose to either extend or mirror the display to your Smart TV. Open Zoom, and voila! Your meeting is now on the big screen.

Which Smart TV Has Zoom App?

The availability of the Zoom app depends on the make and model of your Smart TV. TVs running on Android OS generally have access to Google’s Play Store, where you can find and download Zoom. Samsung’s Tizen OS and LG’s WebOS don’t natively support Zoom, but you can easily cast or use an HDMI cable to share your Zoom meeting on these televisions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Zoom free to use on Smart TV?

Yes, Zoom’s basic features are free to use and will be accessible if you’re using your Smart TV to display the Zoom meeting.

Can I control Zoom features through my TV remote?

If you’ve downloaded the Zoom app on your Smart TV, you can control it using your TV remote. For casting or HDMI connections, you’ll still need to control the meeting through your mobile device or computer.

Can I control Zoom features through my TV remote?

Is the Zoom app on Smart TV updated regularly?

If you’ve installed Zoom from your Smart TV’s App Store, it will be updated in line with the updates on that platform. However, it’s advisable to check for updates manually to ensure you have the latest features and security patches.


The capability to Zoom on a Smart TV opens up an expansive world of possibility. From personal conversations to important work meetings, the big screen can make all the difference. With numerous ways to set up your Zoom meeting on a Smart TV be it through casting, HDMI, or native apps you’re equipped to make an informed choice tailored to your needs. So, why settle for small screens when you can go big?

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